Reactivation day has finally arrived!  Nationwide Biweekly Administration is excited to let you know that you can now reactivate your biweekly Interest Minimizer Plan!


As an NBA customer you have a lifetime enrollment in the Interest Minimizer, along with our hundreds of thousands of other customers.  Get back to greatly reducing your lender interest charges and shortening the term of your loans – mortgages, student loans, credit cards, auto loans, any loan with lender interest charges!


Be on the lookout for your reactivation email coming very soon!  Reactivating your biweekly Interest Minimizer Plan will be a quick and easy online process with no reactivation fee.


We are on a mission to Help Millions Save Billions!


Minimize Debt • Maximize Life



Customer Care Department:


Be sure to refer to your Interest Minimizer Plan Agreement (the “Agreement”) and Terms and Conditions for a complete list of fees, expenses, terms and conditions, and your rights and responsibilities under the Agreement. Please see full Fee Schedule for all applicable fees.


The Interest Minimizer Plan (the “Plan”) is issued through Metropolitan Commercial Bank (“MCB”), member FDIC and is administered by TCCI. The Plan is marketed and distributed by Nationwide Biweekly Administration, Inc. (“NBA”).